Bush Ghoodhu Wongutha Tours - Overnight Tour

A fully immersive cultural experience, Bush Ghoodhu's overnight tours give visitors the complete "On Country" journey. Camp out beneath a billion stars, hear ancient Dreamtime stories retold around a campfire, as they have been for millennia, enjoy traditional Wongutha bush-tucker cooked in traditional earth oven and visit sites of great spiritual and cultural significance. See local wildlife, learn to track animals and learn about traditional implements and tools. Ideal for schools, groups and team building.

For more information and bookings, contact 0474 971 548.


Kalgoorlie (Kulgooluh meaning "place of the silky pears") is one of Australia's most iconic and historically significant towns, with a modern history dating back to the gold rush era. But there is another side to the legendary town. With an Aboriginal history that dates back some 30,000 years, it is a place of great cultural significance with many Dreaming stories connected to the land and numerous sacred sites. Bush Ghoodhu Wongutha Tours gives you a glimpse into both of these worlds on a range of tours. We invite you to join our Wongutha guide and hear the "first story" of Kulgooluh.

Hours: Open by appointment.