ECOmaniac is an exciting, innovative, ECO and cultural shopping and educational experience, with its flagship store opening in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in December 2014! ECOmaniac is a concept store which blends artistic imagination, integrity, ethical practices, fair-trade, and ECO products along with locally handmade up-cycled products which will give old items a new life.

For more information, contact (08) 9091 6112.


Through Up-cycling, we incorporate anything from restoring and improving the condition or changing the color, all the way up to disassembling the item and putting it back together in a different way, making a whole new piece. For every up-cycled piece out there is an old item given new life, and kept out of a landfill! Including our innovative way of turning used wine bottles into food platters!

Through our product range we aim to educate the community along with helping our environment and worldwide communities, through innovative Social Enterprise concepts. And support local Social projects that help support Aboriginal Employment and support to maintain their culture on their lands!


Located at 103 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie.

GPS: Lat -30.745672 Long 121.475148

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm.