Golden Gourmet Toastmasters - Club Meeting

Golden Gourmet Toastmasters - Club Meeting

On 04.10.2018
6:15 pm - 8:30 pm Save to calendar

At  Quality Inn Railway Motel & Function Centre
51 Forrest St, Kalgoorlie WA 6430, Australia

Cost: Membership:
$60 for 6 months; or
$110 for 12 months.

Categories: Arts and Cultural Events


Guests: Not a member but want to know more? Let us know here or via private message and we'll happily welcome you to our meeting as a guest ?

Members: if you want to take on a role at this meeting or deliver a speech, please go to the club website (, log in, go to Meeting Agendas, choose the agenda for this meeting from the drop down list, then enter yourself for the roles you'd like.

If you're going to be away, add a note that you'll be an apology in the meeting notes at the bottom.

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