Kalgoorlie Free Trade Day

Kalgoorlie Free Trade Day

On 29.08.2018
7:30 am - 4:30 pm Save to calendar

At  Kalgoorlie
Kalgoorlie WA, Australia

Cost: Free

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Free Trade Day will take place on August 29th in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

To register, nominate or donate - freetradeday.com.au

As tradespeople, we see some terrible situations.
Families that are struggling financially. Elderly people who are unable to afford basic essential maintenance and repairs, jeopardising their safety and wellbeing in their own homes. Single parents having their children do their homework on the kitchen bench because none of the bedroom lights work anymore.
Stop, and imagine for just a moment... A family struggling to care for a disabled child or family member, not having enough money to get the hot water tank repaired. Showering in freezing cold water all through winter.
Imagine; an 83 year old woman living alone after the death of her war veteran husband who passed away 20 years earlier. Living in a poorly maintained unit that has become mould infested. She’s knows it is seriously affecting her health, that it is leading her to an early death. But there is nothing she can do about it but plead with the strata agency to get the ducted exhaust fans fixed - the strata doesn’t have the available funds, but she has no where else to go, and no family to help.
Imagine; a visually impaired person with limited vision in a well lit environment, who sees the world as silhouettes and shadows. Living in a unit in desperate need of some maintenance with only one rusted, flickering fluro light in the kitchen working, struggling with the most basic of day-to-day tasks like locating a coffee cup. A 90 year old man who used to have many friends who have now passed away. Alone, sick, without the resources to have things repaired, and too proud to ask for help.
These are real people that live in your area, situations we as Tradespeople have witnessed first hand. It was this 90 year old man who recently passed away that has driven us to decide to do something to help.
We are not only thinking of the elderly, but anyone who has fallen on hard times and finds themselves ‘up against it’ in life and could really use a hand. These are the stories of people we want to help.
It is our hope that this will be shared around so that we can provide trade assistance to as many needy people as possible.
We provide FREE material and FREE labour to;
1)People who are living in dangerous situation, who's safety is compromised
2)People without essential services
3)People who cannot afford the cost of tradespeople
What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We just ask that you to SHARE this, let's see what people power and compassion can achieve.
Use our hashtags - #FTD18 #FreeTradeDay #TheBusinessOfKindness #FTDKalgoorlie
FREE TRADE DAY - “The business of kindness”


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