Crystals, crystal grids and make your own remedies

Crystals, crystal grids and make your own remedies

On 21.10.2018
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Save to calendar

At  Yoga 202

Cost: $40

Categories: Arts and Cultural Events


This is a second part workshop to our first one we have just run.

We will only be running one of these workshops at this stage

We will cover the following:

- Crystals, just to refresh your memory
- Crystal grids, how to use them, why, different ways to do them
- crystal remedies, how to make them and how to use them
- and different ways to take crystal healing to the next level

We have planned this for a few days before the full moon so you can take home some stuff and make it yourself a couple of days after the workshop!

The cost is $40 each

We really want everyone to be able to walk out of our workshops and be able to use the skills straight away that you have just learnt.

We are a no-fuss kinda teachers, we don’t want people to think this stuff is to hard to learn or do.

We have a lot of interest for these workshops so pre payment is required.

Please private message either the page Your Natural Self or Andrea Eastley just to confirm there are spots then deposit your $40 into

My account details are

Andrea Eastley
Bsb: 306-039
Acc: 0641841

Please put your name as the reference to, then let me know you have deposited it.

We are really looking forward to this workshop!

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