Iridology Workshop

Iridology Workshop

On 03.11.2018
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Cost: $100

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Iridology workshop!

I thought I’d put on one last Iridology workshop before I head off.

This one will be 3hrs in length and cover as much as I can from constitutional Iridology and rayid Iridology.

I want to cover what Iridology is, different constitutions and how to have better health when, the differences between constitutional Iridology and rayid Iridology, personality types in rayid, how to identify markings and the most common markings and what they mean.

The cost will be $100 per person to be paid prior to the day.

Included in the cost is a mini Iridology report which usually costs $60. I’ll take everyone’s iris photos on the day and then email out a report later in the week.

There are only 10 spots.

This will be the last workshop in Iridology for me as I leave at the end of the year.

If your interested pm me for bank details -

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