Crystals, Chakras And Pendulum Workshop

Crystals, Chakras And Pendulum Workshop

From 24.03. to 25.03.2019
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Save to calendar

At  Yoga 202

Cost: $40

Categories: Arts and Cultural Events


Crystal and Pendulum Workshop

We have put together a workshop so everyone can get to learn how to use crystals and pendulums.

We are going to cover a bunch of stuff including:
- Crystals ~ how to cleanse them, what you can use them for, how to program them and some more stuff

- Chakras ~ what they are, how to use a pendulum to see if they are out or not, why we want them working and some more..

- Pendulums ~ how to use it, why we would use it and testing chakras

Then an activity on how to test the chakras to see if they are out then placing a crystal on that spot and retest to see if it changes again.

Cost is $40pp to be paid prior to the day to secure your spot. Just message for bank details to transfer.

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