Lost Soles Exhibition

Lost Soles Exhibition

From 29.02. to 09.04.2020
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At  Goldfields Arts Centre
Goldfields, WA, Australia

Cost: Free

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Claire Davenhall explores the multi cultural migration of people to Australia; timelessly capturing a cross-­‐section of diverse lost souls through her sculptural work. Her solo exhibition, ‘LOST SOLES’ is a collection of works, which reflects upon the history and heritage our culture is built on.

She tells the story of their extraordinary existence, from the ‘Lost Soles – Lost at Sea’ that observes the inhuman amounts of people who have boarded boats in search for better a life, their lost souls, drift in a sea of knowledge in a vessel of hope… To the soulless boot, hooked up like a prize catch, which hangs on a piece of timber from Fremantle’s old Jetty ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’. If you dare to ‘Take a walk in my shoes before you judge me’ read the temperature gauge first, as they come from a place reaching boiling point! While, ‘The Wandering Artist’ leaves you inspired by the lifestyle of the living artist, celebrating the journey of the creative, the tools of their trade and the steps we take to get there.

Her work makes social comments from the pressures placed on the early settlers and the constraints they endured, to the journey of the migrants refugees and convicts, travelling across the sea, in their search to reach a land of hope and dreams. She explores the strength of family connection and bonds that tie us together through the journey of life and takes her inspiration from poems, found objects, places she’s been and things she has seen, her ‘LOST SOLES’ solo exhibition brings together a sense of People, Place and Art.

It’s a thought provoking, intriguing and creative exhibition that dares to challenge your own lost soul and the story it yet has to tell.

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8:30am - 5pm Monday - Friday
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