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Hours: Open 7 days a week: 7am - 3pm

For more than 50 years, Tippett’s Café in Boulder was famous for its steaming brews, delicious fare and cosmopolitan edge!

Today, the Tippett’s name has been revived and is situated on the same site as its renowned forerunner. Tippett’s Café is located on the corner of Burt and Lane Streets, Boulder.

You will enjoy a delicious all-day breakfast, delectable homemade cakes, mouth-watering snacks and an extensive lunch menu and the finest quality Elmstock teas.

Tippett’s Café is proud to be the only Goldfields establishment serving Perth’s famous and highly regarded Antz Inya Pantz coffee.

Visit today to soak up the history and enjoy the dining experience!

For more information, contact 08 9093 3427.


The original Tippett’s Tea Rooms was founded in the 1920’s by Peter Norman Tippett soon after he returned from service in France during World War 1.

Turning his experience in a field bakery feeding the Anzac troops to good advantage, Norman Tippett soon made Tippett’s Tea Rooms and bakery a household name throughout the Goldfields.

In about 1930 he expanded the business to take over the Albany Bell’s Tea Rooms in Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie, renaming it Tippett’s. There was many wedding receptions and local functions that were celebrated in the beautifully furnished top floor reception room.

During the Great Depression, it was well known that no-one in need was ever turned away hungry from Norman Tippett’s door.

Mr Tippett was elected to the Kalgoorlie Municipal Council in 1933 and was a prominent and well-respected member of the Kalgoorlie and Boulder communities.

Although he passed away in 1938 at the age of 50, the Tippett’s businesses in Boulder and Kalgoorlie lived on for several more decades. Tippett’s Tea Rooms in Boulder finally closed its doors in the early 1970s.

Map & Directions

Located at 67A Burt Street, Boulder