Infant & Toddler Sleep Seminar, Newborn to 4.5 years old

Infant & Toddler Sleep Seminar, Newborn to 4.5 years old

On 20.10.2020
10:00 am - 12:30 pm Save to calendar

At  WMC Auditorium

Cost: $22.19 -

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Goldfields Chiropractic and Healing Centre along with Goldfield’s Women’s Health Care Centre bring to you, Tara Mitchell - The Gentle Sleep Specialist. As a Paediatric Nurse and qualified sleep consultant with over 15 years experience working with little ones, Tara has spent the last 6 years working with families to resolve their little ones sleep issues. Tara is a trusted referral source and expert contributor to a number of Paediatric professionals including leading children’s medical centres, Paediatricias, midwives, CHNs, GPs and many more. It’s time to get the sleep you and your little one deserve. Tara has the answers you need to resolve frequent night waking, catnapping, difficult settles, toddler and baby sleep issues, nap transitions, regressions. You name it, if it’s little ones sleep Tara will cover it, including time for Q&A to get the opportunity to ask your own questions.
2020-10-20 10:00:00
2020-10-20 12:30:00