1.  Jump on our Historical Loopline Tram Tour around our unique Outback City!

Jump on the “Tram Taster Tour” of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, to see some of the interesting sights and attractions.

Are you wanting to see the famous Super Pit, but don’t have a car to get to the Lookout? 

Don’t despair, the tram stops there together with more hidden treasures along the way! 

Book at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitor Centre.

2.  Visit the fabulous array of Museums and take a tour of the two spectacular Town Halls! 

Did you know that Kalgoorlie-Boulder has more museums than you can poke a stick at?

Learn the amazing mining history at the Hannans North Tourist Mine, the history of Kalgoorlie-Boulder at the Museum of the Goldfields, past soldiers from the Goldfields at the Goldfields War Museum located at the Boulder Town Hall, the rich horse racing history at the Signpost Racecourse Museum and over 3,000 minerals/gold specimens at the WA School of Mines Minerals Museum.

Check out the two Town Halls, both built in 1908, by taking a tour with the city’s historian and be astounded by the amazing history!

3.  Visit the Lookouts – Super Pit, Mt Charlotte Lookout and Katunga Lookout!

Do you enjoy a good view or are you a lover of a stunning sunset photo?

We definitely have a few lookouts worth checking out around the town.

-  Be amazed and head up to the Super Pit Lookout located off the Goldfields Highway.If you’re lucky, you may even catch a blast and see them excavate the mine. For daily blast times, phone (08) 9022 1100.

-  Drive up to the Mount Charlotte Lookout located 1.5kms from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitor Centre and enjoy an amazing view of the city especially around sunset. Learn about C.Y.O’Connor’s Golden Pipeline and the lengths he went to, to get water up to the Goldfields!

-  Do you enjoy getting out into nature? Then best to head out to Karlkurla Bushland Park and take the trail up to the Katunga Lookout. Organised and built in the early 1990’s by Mr Doug Krepp, the lookout is the highest point and looks over a small section of the Great Western Woodlands (which is the size of England).

 4.  Pick up an Audio Walking Tour and enjoy our city at your own pace!

What do you get when you combine architecture, history, a good yarn and two feet?

You get our highly recommended Kalgoorlie-Boulder Audio Walking Tour, which traces the footsteps of our forefathers with a self-guided tour. Soak up the amazing gold rush history that is present in the buildings and learn more about the people of the region.

Book at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitor Centre.

5.  Pan for gold at Hannans North Tourist Mine!

Make your way up to the Hannans North Tourist Mine, grab a pan, a can full of sediment and get shaking and sifting at the gold panning ponds, better hope luck is on your side on your hunt for gold.

While you are there, take a stroll around the exhibits and enrich yourself in the history of mining in the Western Australian Goldfields, take a picnic with you to enjoy the atmosphere of the Chinese Gardens and peruse the gift shop for souvenirs and gemstones.

6.  Enjoy a delicious meal, cold beer and a great atmosphere at one of the many outback pubs or our Beaten Track Brewery!

Is that a blast at the Super Pit or your stomach rumbling?

Well if it is good food you are after then this is the town for you.  Once a city of 96 pubs, Kalgoorlie-Boulder plays host to an abundance of places to eat ranging from a great pub meal to fine dining on the Balcony.

If you’re more of a beer connoisseur, then don’t worry we have you covered with the Beaten Track Brewery and don’t worry about asking if it is the best brewery in town because it is our only one and holds that title proudly.

Feel like something with a more international flavor then you don’t have to look too far with restaurants of many ethnicities located around the city.

If brunch is your go-to then you are spoilt for choice with a number of great cafes. Enjoy mouth-watering eggs benedict or French toast with coffee.

7.  Test your luck with a prospecting tour or a game of Bush Two Up and take a historical memento home with you in the form of Timeless Photography.  Drop in to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitor Centre and get dressed up in old style costumes and for $15.00 take two photos home with you!

Kalgoorlie-Boulder has a long history of gold, gambling and fine frocks!

Kalgoorlie-Boulder from May to October, try your luck with a prospecting Day Tour.Head out bush with your guide who will supply the location, the equipment and if you’re lucky, maybe some trade secrets.  You will need your Miner’s Right which can be purchased from the Department of Mines. It doesn’t cost much and will last you for life.It is a legal requirement so make sure you leave yourself enough time to get it.

Now if you don’t strike gold but you still think you have some luck left, why not head out to Bush Two-Up on a Sunday afternoon and give it a go. Minimum bet is $50.00 butas they say, you have to play big to win big, or just go out to spectate and watch it all unfold!

Timeless Photography for only $15.00 you will get two personal A5 pictures of you and your loved ones dressed to the nines in the latest 1900’s fashions.

8.  Embrace the Aboriginal culture

Did you know that Kalgoorlie derives its name from the Aboriginal word for a well-known bush tucker in the region? The Karlkurla pronounced “gull-gurl-la”, also known as the bush banana, the silky pear and the Cogla Vine, is a climbing plant that produces a fruit that can be eaten and is found through much of the area which was earlier named Kulgoohlu meaning ‘Place of the Silky Pear’, and is now known as Kalgoorlie.

This is just one of the amazing things you can learn about the Aboriginal culture unique to the Goldfields on a Bush Ghoodhu Wongutha Tour or by visiting our art galleries; Bush Blossom Gallery, Goldfields Aboriginal Art Gallery or Black Crow Studios.

9.  Take a stroll or (hire a bike and ride) through the Great Western Woodlands at Karlkurla Bushland Park or venture out of the city to discover many natural wonders, rock formations and other hidden treasures!

The Goldfields with it’s rugged, red and generally pretty dry outback, however, come spring, if the rain has been good, the area transforms with an abundance of subtle flowering plants. The rest of the year the contrast of the greens, reds and oranges make for some amazing views.

You don’t have to go far to make the most of the natural wonders of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Go for a walk or hire a car or bike and head to Karlkurla Bushland Park to view the amazing plants and scenery. The Karlkurla Bushland Park is a small part of the Great Western Woodlands, the largest intact Mediterranean style woodlands in the entire world which spans 16 million hectares, the size of England.

If you like a good road trip and don’t mind getting a little bit dusty then there are a few options for you. Jump in the car and head South West to Victoria Rocks or take the round trip from Coolgardie to Widgiemooltha and back to Kalgoorlie-Boulder via Kambalda passing by Burra Rocks and Cave Hill.

For more information go to www.goldenquesttrail.com to explore areas like Rowles Lagoon, Credo Station and Ora Banda before popping out to the Broad Arrow Tavern just in time for lunch or dinner - it is well worth trying the delicious “Broadie” Burger.

10.  Unique to Kalgoorlie Boulder experience a tour like no other from the risque Questa Casa “Australia’s Oldest Working Bordello” tour to the amazing Super Pit tour and everything in between!

Memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitor Centre can help you book and organise some of the unique local experiences we have on offer.

Try a scenic flight with Goldfields Air Services over the Super Pit or out to the ephemeral Lake Lefroy?

If the mining aspect interests you, why not book a tour with Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters to get an in-depth look at the Super Pit.

See the oldest working bordello in Australia under the watchful eye of the Madame or Thunderstruck Goldfields Trike Tour hop on and cruise around town, to the brewery or out to Broad Arrow Tavern.  Or join a No Rush Goldrush Wagon Rides tour that takes you back in time.

Whatever the length of your stay, you are guaranteed to uncover a wealth of treasures historic and modern in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.