QUESTA CASA - Australia's Oldest Brothel

Hay Street Kalgoorlie is the home to one of the world's oldest working brothels. Questa Casa has been in known operation for 115 years and is possibly the worlds oldest working brothel.

Also known as "THE PINK HOUSE", Questa Casa is the only remaining brothel from Kalgoorlie's gold rush era. The historical brothel offers tourists the unique opportunity to experience life from a bygone era.

Questa Casa is the only brothel that has the famous "STARTING STALLS". Still operating, the girls throw open these infamous doors nightly. The guided tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and takes you through the historical working areas of the house; through the starting stalls at the front where the ladies first talk to the gentleman (sometimes they are caught doing other things!!), and through the rooms which the ladies use every night, the same rooms that have been used since this house was established. The cramped rooms, which are freezing in winter and stifling hot in summer, give a unique insight into the life of those who frequented these world famous illegal houses.

Hear stories of how it was in "old" Kalgoorlie, for the ladies and those often lonely miners who visited them. Discover why, despite complaining bitterly about the working conditions, the ladies flocked here and kept coming back time and time again.

*****AGE LIMITATION! Due to the fact that Questa Casa is an operating brothel, it is a government regulation that nobody under the age of 18 is allowed on the premises.

******* Purchase tickets at the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre or at the door. Also bookings can be made over the phone on 08 9021 4897. $30 Adult or $25 senior concession (60+). Contact Questa Casa on 08 9021 4897 to book yours NOW or call into the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre.

Due to technical issues online booking is not available. Please ring Questa Casa directly to book your tour on 08 9021 4897.


This near-derelict row of tin sheds, each little bigger than a chicken coop, probably tells more of the towns history and social attitudes than all the over-restored pomp of Kalgoorlies gold-rush grandeur" wrote Dr Elizabeth Farrelly, Good Weekend, June 2005, when she named Questa Casa as one of Australias top 12 buildings.

Dr Farrelly is a Sydney architect, writer and critic on architecture, urban design, public arts and art theory.


Questa Casa is right at the top of Hay Street, near Woolworths and McDonalds. You can't miss us, just look for the 11 pink doors!

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Cancellation Policy

Questa Casa has a NO REFUND policy. ALL requests for a change of tour MUST be made directly to Questa Casa on 9021 4897.

It is SOLELY at Questa Casa's discretion for a change of tour.