Goldfields War Museum

The Goldfields War Museum was established in the late 1970’s and run by passionate volunteers until the middle of the 1990’s, when the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder assumed day-to-day operations. With over 3000 Goldfields people having served in each of the First and Second World Wars, and in smaller conflicts from the Boer War to present day, the Goldfields region has a rich military history that is reflected in the museum’s collection.

As a result of the 2010 earthquake, home of the Goldfields War Museum, Burt Street, Boulder was badly damaged and was subsequently relocated to the 1st Floor in the Kalgoorlie Town Hall. There you will see thought provoking displays of personal artifacts showcasing the involvement of Goldfields people in times of war.

For more information, contact (08) 9093 1083.


The Goldfields War Museum will also provide educational tours and programs for school groups and other interested parties by prior arrangement.


Located at 316 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie.

GPS: Lat -30.748817372509 Long 121.47061567718

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.