Chunky Timber Co.

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Hours: 7 days a week 10am - 3pm or via appointment, phone 0417 980 728.

The Chunky Timber Company is located in Boulder and specialises in timber beads, wine barrel furniture, wine racks and custom made timber craft furniture and unique timber craft pieces. All hand crafted items are made from recycled timbers found in the Goldfields and surrounding areas of Western Australia.

Visit the showroom located at 40 Oroya Street, Boulder and take your time browsing through the extensive range of items. Alternatively, Chunky can be contacted on 0417 980 728.


Beads come in random sizes and shapes because of the nature of the local timbers and the harshness of the environment they are grown in. The more common timbers used at Chunky are mulga, pixie bush, gimlet, boree, jarrah, sandalwood, gidgee and Goldfields blackbutt. All timbers used by Chunky Timber Company have been found on the forest floor or recycled from discarded timbers in the area.

Chunky Timber Company runs three workshop experiences on a daily basis. These include timber beading, woodworking and pyrographics. They also run kid's programs through the school holidays.

For more information, contact 0417 980 728.

Map & Directions

Located at 40 Oroya Street, Boulder.