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Kambalda is a small mining town, founded in 1897 during the goldrush frenzy. It is split into two townsites 4 kilometers apart, Kambalda East and Kambalda West. The town was deserted by 1908 due to the closure of the Red Hill Gold Mine but came alive again during the 1960's nickel boom, which resulted in the discovery of one of the world's largest nickel sulphide deposits in the area, and the opening of Australia's first nickel mine.

Kambalda was reborn.

Today, gold mining is once again a major industry in Kambalda with Gold Fields St Ives, the second largest gold mining operation in Australia, a major player. But Kambalda has much more to offer. You can experience the panoramic views and shimmering silver of massive Lake Lefroy, host to spectacular Land Sailing events, or enjoy the local flora and fauna on the Red Hill Walking Trail to the lookout. There are picnic and camping facilities at outback nature reserves, with some striking granite outcrops, rain sculptured caves, dams and a diversity of landscapes.

There are shopping and banking facilities and an abundance of recreational activities, land sailing, golf, bush walking, rock climbing and boot scooting! The popular Nickeltown Ute, Car and Bike show is held annually in October and the perennial family favourite, Kambalda Christmas Tree in December.

The Nullarbor Links hole 3 can be found at Kambalda Golf Club.

For more information, contact the Kambalda Tourist Information Centre on 08 9080 2115.


Photo courtesy of Toon Menken