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Lake Ballard, just over 50 kilometres West of Menzies, has become the newest attraction for the region. It has created international attention for the 'Inside Australia' exhibition, created by Antony Gormley. He has created 51 figures, all derived from laser scans of the inhabitants of Menzies at the time, which are placed around a seven square kilometre area of the salt lake bed. The sculptures travelled 780kms from the foundry in Perth to the site on Lake Ballard, and it took a team of 18 volunteers, 4 days to install all 51 sculptures. This really is a sight to behold - its why we go on about it so much!

Lake Ballard is also a significant part of the region's salt lake system and is a breeding habitat for species of water fowl, the Banded Stilt. Due to Cyclone Bobby in 1995, the vast salt crusts had been covered in warm shallow water, the long dormant brine shrimp were once again hatching. There was then an unbelievable frenzy of activity with an estimated 4,500 nests within days. Birds seem to be bustling in every direction. This was a very rare occurrence having only occurred approximately seven times in 215 years at Lake Ballard.

Watch video of Antony Gormley Sculptures - Lake Ballard, Western Australia

Lake Ballard 1
Photo courtesy of Edwina Breingan

Photo courtesy of Cait Rakers