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Laverton, situated on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert, 360kms North East of Kalgoorlie Boulder, is one of Western Australia's remote inland townships. It is a land of contrasts with a range of natural, cultural and historic riches, it appeals to a huge range of visitors with a range of diverse interests. From rugged breakaway cliffs, to quiet, cool waterholes, from the magnificence of the wedge tail eagle, to the startling beauty of the Sturt Pea, Laverton is a welcome oasis for travellers crossing from Alice Springs on the Outback Highway, one of the world's greatest road journeys.

Originally established as the British Flag Mine in the goldrush era, Laverton was gazetted in 1900, in recognition of Dr Charles Laver who rode into town on a pushbike from Coolgardie in 1896, and remained as the town's doctor. A statue in the main park stands as a tribute to his contribution to the town.

It is where fortunes were won and lost. Laverton was a thriving district of gold strikes and mines in the early 1900's but later in the 1960's, the gold price flunctuated and almost reduced Laverton to a ghost town. The discovery of Nickel around this time, at the Mt Windarra mine, sparked the world famous Poseidon share surge with shares leaping from 80 cents to $280.00 in less than six months. But as so often happens in mining, the nickel ran out and Poseidon disappeared from the Stock Exchange.  

Today, the mine site has been rehabilitated into the Mt Windarra Heritage Trial and is one of many interesting attractions in the region. You can also visit the lonely ghost towns and cemeteries at Burtville (28kms) and at Mt Morgans (48kms), Laverton's historic police station and goal (built in 1900) or take your photo with the impressive statue of Dr Charles Laver and his bike. You can discover the subtle beauty and vivid colours of a desert wilderness and breakaway country alive with a diversity of acacia woodlands and flora, or explore a landscape rich with sites of Aboriginal culture and dreamtime stories. Many of Australia's great explorers passed through the Laverton region on their quest to discover new lands.

Laverton is also home to the Great Beyond Explorers Hall of Fame, which brings to life the characters and stories of several explorers who led expeditions in and around the area in the 19th century. Step back in time with notable explorers John Forrest and Ludwig Leichardt, eavesdrop on the horses of the inland as they recount their personal stories of hardship and bravery and learn about the valuable industries of our land. 

For more information, contact The Great Beyond Visitor Centre on 08 9031 1361.

Photo courtesy of Maddy Armstrong