Laverton Aboriginal Art Gallery

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Laverton Aboriginal Art Gallery is run on a co-operative basis by a not-for-profit organisation, where artists receive up to 80% of the price of the artwork. The gallery was established in 2002 to display, promote and sell authentic Aboriginal art on behalf of the people of the Laverton and Western Desert areas.

The art and craft on display was made by the local Wongi people from the lands of the North Eastern Goldfields extending into the Western Desert region. The artists have connections to the land and share their stories through their making.

For more information, contact 08 9031 1395.


The Laverton Aboriginal Art Gallery is located in the main street of Laverton in a restored building, originally built in 1909. The gallery has been recently refurbished to include extra exhibiting space and upgraded facilities.

Map & Directions

Located at 4 Euro Street, Laverton.