Lucky Bay Brewing

Lucky Bay Brewing makes craft beers that are truly local, which steam from the heart of the barley producing region in Western Australia's south east.

Esperance's Lucky Bay Brewing is part of the local farming community and recognises the importance of supporting local seasonal produce, straight from a local bloke’s paddock to bring Award Winning Brews.... You will want to savor to the last drop, just like the amazing local beaches and coastline.

For more information and booking a tour experience, phone 0429 777 714.


Lucky Bay Brewing are pioneers of crafting raw barley beers and fully realises the paddock to pint concept, which combined with rain water, solar power, no preservatives, local stories, local people and local places results in beers of the highest environmental credentials truly crafted like no other.


  • Café
  • Gift Shop
  • Playground


Located at 63 Bandy Creek Road, Esperance

GPS: Lat -33.821288 Long 121.939464

Hours: Everyday December - April. Thursday to Monday from May - November.