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Established in 1896 as a result of a gold find by an American prospector, Leslie Robert Menzie, the area was originally known as the North Coolgardie Goldfields and at its height in the 1900's, there were more than a dozen mines, 13 hotels and 3 breweries. There was an estimated 10,000 people living within a five mile radius of the town.

But the cost of extracting gold could not be justified in the area and one by one, the big mines closed until commercial mining had all but ceased by 1910.

The railway proved something of a saviour for the township and it became a service town for a growing pastoral industry.

The Menzies Town Hall is one of the classic landmarks in the area. Apart from its architectural significance the clock tower was 'clockless' for 100 years after the ship reportedly carrying the new clock sank off Rottnest in 1905. A clock was installed in the tower in 2000, in time for the New Year celebrations.

For more information, contact the Menzies Visitor Centre on 08 9024 2702.

Menzies 1
Photo courtesy of Jessica Wood

Menzies 2
Photo courtesy of Jessica Wood