Mount Charlotte Reservoir Lookout

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Hours: Open daily, 24 hours.

Take your time and embark on the easy walk to the peak of Mount Charlotte. You will be rewarded with the best sunset views in Kalgoorlie Boulder!

Mount Charlotte Reservoir Lookout is known as one of Australia’s most amazing engineering feats "The Golden Pipeline" which has brought water, the most precious resource of all, to the Goldfields since 1903.

Follow this epic water pipeline on its 563 km journey all the way from Mundaring Weir (in the Perth Hills), through the Wheatbelt to Kalgoorlie Boulder in the Goldfields.

See the rich and fascinating history of the Mount and Reservoir revealed in the interpretive signage.

Stand at the summit and marvel at the engineering genius of the pipeline’s founding father, CY O'Connor.

Or imagine yourself there in the moment, when Paddy Hannan, Thomas Flanagan and Dan Shea sparked the Western Australian gold rush and unearthed one of the richest goldfields in the world!


Drive up to the Mount Charlotte Reservoir Lookout located 1.5km from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre and enjoy an amazing view of the city especially around sunset.

View the information boards and wonder in the story of C.Y O’Connor’s Golden Pipeline and the quest to get water up to the Goldfields over 110 years ago!

Photo credit: Abby Murray Photography and Jarrod Seng.

Map & Directions

Located at Sutherland Street, Kalgoorlie (Williamstown)