Ngadju Cultural Tours

Ngadju Cultural Tours are Aboriginal Tours of special and historic sites with a local Ngajdu guide.

Listen to Dreamtime stories and legends of how the land was created.

Discover traditional Aboriginal hunting and gathering practices and experience dance performances.

The Ngadju Dancers of the Norseman Ngadju people, are the first and only traditional dance group from the Norseman, Esperance, and surrounding southern Goldfields region (of Western Australia) to perform in public.

For more information and bookings, contact 0473 672 842.


Key Experiences include:Tours of special and historic Aboriginal sites with a local Aboriginal tour guide.Learning about the Aboriginal Dreamtime ( the Dreamtime are Aboriginal stories and legends of how the land was created). Learn about traditional Aboriginal hunting / gatheringLearn about Aboriginal history and culture.Cultural dance performances.


Located in Norseman, Western Australia

GPS: Lat -32.2019127 Long 121.7801757

Hours: By appointment - 8.30 am to 8.30pm