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Tributaries explores the fibres of flora, fauna, and human systems.

It includes jewellery, small fine metal sculptures, and objects formed by corrosion casting, a process by which resin is injected into animal organs and other biological systems to form moulds of internal spaces. 

These objects are placed in dialogue with photographic images and poetry that document the thrum of life and death in environmental arterial systems, connecting root, river, skeleton, and vein. Tributaries is both a contemporary memento mori and a reminder of the constantly changing states of all organic matter, including our own bodies – a testament to the interconnection of human, animal and environment. 

Exhibition dates:  Opening, Friday 17 May 6pm
                            Saturday 18 May - Friday, 24 May 2024
                            Monday, 27 May - Thursday, 20 June 2024



2024-05-17 18:00:00
2024-06-20 15:00:00