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  • Friday 2nd August
  • 6:00pm - 10:00pm
  • At Kalgoorlie Kalgoorlie WA, Australia
  • Invite
⭐️Efímero is the Spanish word for ephemeral.
From the Ancient Greek ἐφήμερος (ephḗmeros) “lasting one day, short-lived” which implies striking brevity of life or duration.⭐️
⭐️A word that helps us remember the value of each moment⭐️
Our next event will host art from different artists. A combination of art only for one night, ephemeral. Pure magic, emotion and excitement that transient time offers.
During the night we will also have the pleasure to host fantastic musicians, poetry and talks by local artists.
More details soon....
If you are an artist and want to exhibit your work, please contact us? -

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